We hebben een flinke collectie aan video’s, maar deze is tijdelijk off-line vanwege capaciteits problemen.

Je kunt losse video bestanden opvragen via ons, of beter een complete kopie om wereldwijd te verspreiden.

Zie onze Contact pagina.

Hier zijn wat videos van andere websites :

Okupa, chronicle of a social fight

Movie from Barcelona, 1996-2005 (37 minutes, on


Lipdub – Kukutza – Bilbao

Video from Kukutza squat in Bilbao (10 minutes, on


Leegstand zonder zorgen (Nederlands)

Leegstand zonder zorgen is een reportage waarin 7 bewoners van de 2 grootste antikraakbureaus Camelot en Ad Hoc worden gevolgd. (Vimeo)


Carefree vacant property (Leegstand zonder zorgen with English subtitles)

Film about the problem of anti-squat, which is spreading from the Netherlands t0 other countries (Vimeo)


The Beat of Frances Street

Squatting in East Vancouver, a 48 minute documentary on the Frances Street Squats by Eleven Foot Productions, December 1990 (48 minutes, in 5 parts on youtube)


Property is Theft

A retrospective documentary on the squatting movement of Villa Road featuring footage of the famous movement plus interviews (approx one hour in six parts on youtube)


West Pier Squatters (1996)

Captured from local TV (5 mins, youtube)


Temporary Autonomous Arts Brighton (2008)

Community space in Portslade, squatted during March 2008 for an arts exhibition (3 mins, youtube)


Bristol Space Invasion (2008)

For april2008, in Bristol enraged creatives took a building in the centre of town turned it into an exhibition and music space (8 mins, youtube)


Rhizomatic #1 (2001)

Film about a squatted art and community space that took place in Brighton in January 2001. It was organised by an anarchist collective called SPOR (20 mins, youtube)


Justice in the courthouse (1994)

Brighton 1994 – people squatted a disused court house and opened the doors to start a counter culture movement which is still vibrant today. (12 mins, youtube)


Islington Squat Punks (1983)

A peek into the lives of Islington Squatter punks of 1983, who spare change and charge £2 for a photograph! (5mins, youtube)


Squat Wars

Devoted to the history of squatting in Prague (Czech Republic). More in detail in the memories of people and archive material presented Milada, Zenklovku and Ladronka. (27 mins, the archive)


Dalston Lane (2006)

History of Dalson Lane area in Hackney, London, told from a squatted theatre (12 mins, youtube)


Learning German autonomously (2010)

On 19 April, a barrack on a plot belonging to the freight depot of zurich’s railway station was squatted and revived with an autonomous school. Students and teachers depict their points of view (10 mins, youtube)


Table Bed Chair

Table Bed Chair ist ein low–budget Dokumentarfilm über die HausbesetzerInnen–Szene Amsterdams. Table Bed Chair is a low budget documentary about the squatter scene in Amsterdam (English and Dutch spoken, German subtitles) (30 mins, kanalb)